What to Do with Old and Used Car Tires

When getting rid of old and used car tires, you may think your only options are to head down to the local recycling center or dump them at the curb.  

But there’s no need for desperate measures! You don’t have to resort to something as extreme as throwing away your tires. Depending on your tire’s condition, you can find all kinds of ways to repurpose them into valuable items around your home or garden.  

Aside from hiring a rubbish removal West London company, here are several other things you can do with your old and used car tires.  


Recycle, reuse, recover; that’s the motto for taking care of worn-out car tires. There are many innovative ways to reuse old and used car tires beyond just throwing them away and cluttering up a landfill.  

Creative minds have devised ideas like using tire treads as makeshift planters in the garden or filling them with everyday items like any storage vessel. Some genius minds use old tires to construct furniture – adding one more chair to your patio without all the printing on store-bought chairs!  

On top of those alternate uses, recycling centers take back tires and rims and repurpose brimming wheel ingredients into different rubber products like playground surfaces.  

So don’t let your used car tires sit around collecting dust; recycle them today! 

Create Rubber Mulch 

Transforming old, used car tires into rubber mulch is an eco-friendly way to recycle and reuse them.  

This innovative DIY project has a variety of uses and provides multiple benefits, such as preventing weeds, protecting delicate plants from insect damage, and retaining moisture around the plants. Not to mention, it adds a unique look to any garden or landscape.  

To make rubber mulch from used car tires, you’ll need basic materials like water, dish soap for lubrication, rubber gloves for safety, and a sturdy blade that can cut the tire’s sidewall.  

With these few supplies, you’ll be able to reduce tire waste and build something useful in no time. Get creative with your projects – and live green while doing so! 

Make a Tire Swing 

Making a tire swing out of your old and used car tires is the perfect way to take something that would otherwise be destined for a landfill and turn it into hours of fun for people of all ages.  

With just a few items likely already in your toolboxes, such as an adjustable wrench and two pairs of vise grips, you can make a tire swing in less than an hour that’s sure to spark conversations with friends and neighbors alike. And the best part? You can use any size or type of tire – including some wild-looking ones like those used in tractors – to make the swing even cooler!  

So, if you have any old tires lying around, put them to good use by making your recycled tire swing! 

Hire a Junk Removal Company 

If you don’t have the time to do these things, you can still get rid of your old and used car tires by hiring a junk removal company.